1. hi..
    whenever i run nokia toolkit and execute the bat command, it says pls upgrade to pro to remove this screen and after that its disappears.

    what to do now to root Nokia X after 1.2.2 update


  2. Hi..

    I used Nokia X toolkit to root Nokia X and then install Superuser and Google Play Services. I want to unroot Nokia X and uninstall Superuser.
    If we unroot Nokia X or Uninstall Superuser, is Google services work in the back ground.

    Also is Superuser necessary to work google services on the back ground if not please suggest me the unroot process to delete the Superuser from my mobile Nokia X.

    Please Suggest me the Step by Step process to unroot Nokia X or Uninstall Superuser.



    1. Google Play Services not require root permission.

      You can install Google Play Services without root.

      Nokia X Toolkit next feature can unroot.


      1. Thanks a lot for the reply Ethan and will wait for the Nokia X Toolkit next version.


  3. Hi ethan, whenever i open the toolkit and run run.bat it runs well, but when i hit 21 and enter it shows please download flashable part, i downloaded all flashable files with gapps and root folder and extracted it to the same folder as nokia toolkit run.bat is present. How to extract the root files and to which location or folder? PLEASE HELP ME, THANKS IN ADVANCE.


    1. Download all part and extract to same folder.

      Recommend WinRAR or 7-Zip.
      – gapps (contain 2 zip files)
      – info (contain 2 png files)
      – recovery (contain 1 img file)
      – root (contain 3 zip files)

      – adb.exe
      – AdbWinApi.dll
      – AdbWinUsbApi.dll
      – fastboot.exe
      – run.bat
      – script.exe


  4. Okay i’ll try it and reply. Thanks a lot :-).


  5. hi sir ethan

    i rooted my nokia x v with your toolkit then it was successfull, but then it was updated to v and the superuser was stopped what i’m gonna do? can i root it again?


    1. all root file permission change from update script from System updates. If you want root permission. You will root again.


  6. I was unable to root my nokia x again due to the usb driver ,, It doesn’t recognize the extracted usb driver


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